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Functionality update: Directional Stability


We are happy to announce the Directional Stability Act of 2023
This allows for an even higher levels of operational stability of your trading strategies.

What does this mean for you:

  • Tickerly will now send “Open only” orders for strategy entries and “Reduce only” orders for strategy exits, even if you are not using hedge mode.
    • This means that in the rare instance where your strategy and exchange fall out of sync, a trade will not be accidentally opened in the wrong direction.
    • Example : An “impossible order ” like exit long when you are flat on the exchange, will be rejected, rather than executed as a misinterpreted enter short
    • To enable this functionality, you have to update your alert messages to the new standard:
"ticker": "{{ticker}}",
"action": "{{strategy.order.action}}",
"prev_position" : "{{strategy.prev_market_position}}",
"quantity": "{{strategy.order.contracts}}",
"pointer" : "replace with pointer for your exchange here"

Don’t worry, this is a backwards compatible update, so your existing alert messages will still work, but you must update them to include the “prev_position” element of the alert message to leverage the Directional Stability Act.

This functionality is fully supported on Oanda with “Reduce Only” for exits supported on ByBit and Binance exchanges.

Do get back to us with any questions of comments about this update.

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