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Trading bot strategies

Looking for strategies to automate? Any strategy can be automated using Tickerly, but below are a few ideas to get you started. This page contains tools for optimizing your strategy, premium strategies and free strategies. More will be added at a later stage.


Types of Trading bot strategies

Strategy optimization

Increase the performance of your strategy by optimizing it to a specific asset. We recommend TradingTools.software and their TradingView Input Optimizer

Premium strategies

Premium strategies have the major advantage that there is a dedicated team continuously working on optimizing performance and ensuring profitability. The typically charge a monthly usage fee, but often comes documented performance and strong communities.

Free TradingView strategies

Free TradingView strategies come with no performance guarantees; adjustments may be needed, but our curated list aims for profitable automation.


Types of Free Trading View strategies

Free strategies are free available on TradingView but are provided “as is”. That means no guarantee for future performance and some adjustment might be required. However, we’ve tried to curate a good list of strategies which might be profitable to automate.

Keltner and Trend testing strategy

This strategy is great for testing your Tickerly setup as it trades a lot.

DCA bot

The classic simple DCA bot which many still use.

Hammers & Stars Strategy

Default settings optimized for EURJPY Daily on Oanda. Full strategy.

FTB Strategy

Default settings optimized for EURUSD 1H on Oanda. Good results found by changing input “Stop pips” to 10. Full strategy.