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How automated trading with TradingView works

How automated trading with TradingView works in a short video:


How To Start Automating Your Strategies

Getting to automated trading is a 4 step process

Choose Your Tickerly Plan

Begin by selecting the Tickerly subscription plan that perfectly fits your needs and preferences.

Seamless Exchange Integration

Effortlessly connect your exchange to Tickerly in just a few simple steps, ensuring a smooth trading experience.

Streamlined Trading View Alerts

Your strategy’s alerts are sent directly to Tickerly, which swiftly executes the orders on your chosen exchange.

Embrace The Power Of Automation

Sit back and relax as your TradingView strategies are executed accurately and automatically, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your trading journey.


Introducing Trading Automation

How automated trading with TradingView works is that you create, adapt or buy access to a strategy on the TradingView platform and add it to the ticker you want to trade. Tickerly is an automation service which can automate any TradingView strategy.

Within such a strategy sits the logic of when to buy and when to sell and at what quantities.

On TradingView, you can configure alerts which will trigger when your strategy wants to take an action, either buying or selling to either open or close a position.

These alerts can then be setup to go to Tickerlys alert processing service, which will take the input from TradingView and convert it to something your exchange understands.

That work happens on ultrafast servers and takes a fraction of a second, whereafter Tickerly sends the corresponding order to your exchange to place the trade.

The exchange will confirm (or reject) the order back to Tickerly, which in turn will notify you of the result. This is only to inform you of what is happening with your strategy, you don’t need to take any action.

All this requires is a  Tickerly subscription, a free TradingView subscription and a trading account at your preferred exchange. Don’t worry, all of it is super easy to setup and there are guides for each step here on the Tickerly site.

And that’s all there is to How automated trading with TradingView works. Find a great strategy,  enable alerts to go to Tickerly, and voila; your trading strategy will now execute automatically and reliably without you having to look at the screen all day long and manually place each trade.


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