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Advanced alert messages

Utilize TradingView’s standard alerts for simple order execution automation, ideal for newcomers. For advanced functionality and specialized strategy types, Tickerly offers a range of advanced signals with comprehensive guidance on setup and usage.


Types of Advanced Alerts

Swing trade alerts

Swing trading requires a little bit more flexibility in the way Tickerly places orders on your exchange. In order to accomodate closing and opening position in one alert, Tickerly has a special alert message format which supports swing trading strategies. Click here to learn more and see the alert message structure

Hedge mode alerts

Some exchanges support what is called hedge mode, enabling simultaneous execution of multiple strategies on the same ticker without closing each other's positions. The difference in behavior is the exchange for both short and long positions. Click for further details and to view the alert message structure.

Full trade alerts

An alternative message structure which can be used is the so-called “Full Trade” alerts. This is an entry order which already contains predefined Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. This means that Tickerly should only be alerted when your strategy wants to make a new entry, and not on exit. Click here to learn more and see the alert message

Indicator / Directional alerts

A third message structure which can be used is directional or indicator alerts. Here you set an alert for each action namely enter long, exit long, enter short and exit short. Additionaly, it provides detailed instruction about positions and This requires a little bit more of your strategy or indicator, and might not be supported. Click here to learn more and see the alert message.

Fixed value standard alert

Finally, on the standard alerts and on any of the advanced alerts, you can replace the TradingView placeholders for generated values, e.g. {{contracts}}, with a fixed value. This can be useful for automating indicators or if your strategy has some sort of limitations where you need to change the output provided by the strategy. Click here to learn more and see structure for fixed values

Limit alerts

Using market orders provides excellent flexibility in terms of supporting a wide range of strategy logics for when to take entries and exits. However, for some situations and exchanges, limit orders might be required. These orders are not executed immediately, but only when a certain price is met on the exchange. Click here to learn more and see the alert structure for limit order alerts

Close All alerts

Sometimes, you just want your strategy to close any and all positions for a ticker, no matter the current state. On Tickerly, there is a special alert to do just that. Click here to learn more and see the alert structure for close all alerts