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Enhanced Directional Stability & Order Validation


Enhanced Directional Stability & Order Validation

Are you a Tickerly user? Good news: We’ve got some exciting enhancements for you, especially if you’re trading on Oanda, ByBit or Binance! Let’s dive straight into the updates:

Enhanced Directional Stability for Oanda

With the Directional Stability Act now online for Oanda, here’s what you can expect:

  • Advanced Order Language: For those of you familiar with the traditional “buy” and “sell” commands, we’ve introduced a nuanced language for more precise order handling. Now, when you switch to our new standard alert message format, Tickerly will send “enter long”, “enter short”, “exit long”, and “exit short” orders to Oanda. This feature is particularly beneficial if there’s a mismatch between your strategy and your actual positions on Oanda. It ensures that you have consistent directional stability.
  • Enhanced Order Validation: We’ve integrated a tighter feedback loop into our system. Should you place an order on Oanda that isn’t filled, you’ll receive an error message via Tickerly. This usually happens when there aren’t enough funds in your account for the order or if the market is currently closed.

For those eager to make the switch to our new format, here’s a quick look at what it entails:

  "ticker": "{{ticker}}",
  "action": "{{strategy.order.action}}",
  "prev_position": "{{strategy.prev_market_position}}",
  "quantity": "{{strategy.order.contracts}}",
  "pointer": "replace with pointer for your exchange here"

However, if you’re satisfied with your current setup, there’s no need to rush – the “old” format will continue to work seamlessly.

Improved Crypto Order Functionality

2. Improved Crypto Order Functionality

For our cryptocurrency traders utilizing ByBit and Binance, there’s an update tailored for you too:

With our new alert format, exit alerts will now strictly close positions without inadvertently opening in the opposite direction. While this feature was previously available with hedge mode enabled, it will now also be functional if you’re using the standard one-direction mode.

In summary, at Tickerly, we’re continually looking for ways to optimize and refine our processes, ensuring you have the best trading experience. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. If you have any feedback or need further clarification on these updates, please feel free to reach out!

Happy trading!

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