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Automated Trading on TradingView

Are you looking to automate your TradingView PineScript strategy? Our powerful middleman service offers you an effortless way to set up and automate your strategies, including forex, stock and crypto trading.


How to Automate TradingView Scripts?

Register an account: Begin by selecting the Tickerly subscription plan that perfectly fits your needs and preferences

Connect your exchange account (API): Effortlessly connect your exchange to Tickerly in just a few simple steps, ensuring a smooth trading experience.

Set your strategy on TradingView: All you need to do is connect your exchange, and you’re ready to automate as many TradingView strategies as you desire.

Link your Tickerly bot with a TradingView alert: Simply copy and paste a standard alert message into your strategy notifications in 4 clicks to automate any strategy

Start trading with TradingView: Sit back and relax as your TradingView strategies are executed accurately and automatically, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your trading journey.


Supported Exchanges

Tickerly supports a wide range of forex, stock, futures commodities and crypto exchanges as well as prop firm trading


Automate with Tickerly

Tickerly is a simple but powerful automation solution, which gets out of the way and does automated trading from TradingView strategy

Unparalleled Execution Speed

Experience lightning-fast trade execution with dedicated servers located near major exchanges. Tickerly boasts an industry-leading execution time, ensuring your trades are confirmed swiftly and efficiently.

Effortless Configurations

Forget the hassle of setting up individual bots. With Tickerly, all you need to do is connect your exchange, and you’re ready to automate as many strategies as you desire on that platform. Bot trading made easy.

Limitless Strategy Options

Tickerly’s exceptional flexibility allows you to automate any TradingView strategy. Run multiple strategies on the same ticker or coin pair, utilize multiple take profits, adjust stop-loss to break-even, or implement variable order sizes – the possibilities with Tickerly are endless.

Diverse Trading Opportunities

Trade an extensive array of asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, forex, commodities, metals, and bonds to diversify your trading portfolio and capitalize on various market opportunities. Even decentralized exchanges are supported.


How Automated Trading on TradingView works

Get a strategy script on TradingView

You simply develop, modify, or purchase a strategy on TradingView and apply it to your chosen ticker, which could range from cryptocurrencies and forex pairs to bonds, indices, and other CFDs.

Make it send alerts to Tickerly

The strategy encapsulates when to buy or sell and in what quantities. Alerts can be configured on TradingView to trigger strategy actions, which are then sent to Tickerly. Tickerly promptly translates these alerts into a format your exchange can understand and, using high-speed servers, dispatches the matching order to your exchange.

Monitor the automated trading

Once the order is executed, the exchange’s confirmation or rejection is relayed back to Tickerly, which then informs you about the outcome, keeping you abreast of your strategy’s performance.

Automate your TradingView Strategy today

Join the growing community of Tickerly users today, and take the first step towards enhanced trading results with our powerful TradingView strategy automation service