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Automated Trading on Oanda

Welcome to the future of trading with Tickerly, where Automated Trading on Oanda is easy and accessible. Our simple but efficient service is designed to serve as an efficient conduit between your preferred strategies on TradingView and execution on the Oanda trading platform.


Automating TradingView Strategies on Oanda

Register an Account: Choose the Tickerly subscription plan that aligns with your trading objectives and sign up.

Connect your Oanda Account (API): Couple your Oanda exchange to Tickerly with just a few steps for a fluid trading process

Set your Strategy on TradingView: Set up your strategy script exactly like you want to trade it automatically on Oanda

Sync your Tickerly Bot with a TradingView Alert: Transfer a standard alert message into your strategy notifications within 4 clicks to bring any strategy to life.

Start Trading on Oanda: Watch as your TradingView strategies are flawlessly executed, leaving you to focus on your trading journey’s broader aspects.

Automated Trading on Oanda – The Workings

The journey to automated trading on Oanda via TradingView using Tickerly is a smooth ride. Develop or purchase a strategy on TradingView, apply it to your preferred ticker, and you’re good to go. Whether you’re trading forex pairs or other CFDs, Tickerly ensures seamless execution.

The logic within your strategy dictates when to buy or sell and in what quantities. When these conditions are met, TradingView triggers an alert which Tickerly intercepts. Tickerly promptly translates these alerts into Oanda-friendly language. Our high-speed servers dispatch the corresponding order to your Oanda exchange, which is executed swiftly.

Once executed, Oanda sends back the order’s status, confirmed or rejected, to Tickerly. Tickerly then relays this information to you, ensuring you’re always up to speed with your strategy’s performance.


Why Tickerly for Oanda Automation?

Opting for Tickerly to automate your TradingView strategies on Oanda offers multiple benefits:

Impressive Execution Speed:

With an industry-leading execution time, Tickerly ensures your trades on Oanda are processed swiftly and efficiently.

Easy Configuration

With Tickerly, you can bypass the hassle of setting up individual bots. Connect yourOanda account and automate as many strategies as you wish.

Endless Strategy Options

Tickerly allows you to automate any TradingView strategy. Uutilize multiple take profits, adjust stop-loss to break-even, or implement risk-based order sizes. The possibilities are limitless with Tickerly.

Board Trading Opportunities

Tickerly allows you to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies and global CFD instruments. Access indices, forex, commodities, metals, and bonds to diversify your trading portfolio and take advantage of various market opportunities.

Kickstart Your Automated Trading Journey on Oanda Today

Become a part of the growing Tickerly user community today, and embark on your journey towards improved trading results. Our powerful TradingView strategy automation service is all set to revolutionize your trading experience on Oanda.